How to fix blinking red light on Sony PS3 Playstation

The PS3  flashing red light problem is caused by poor ventialation in the game console due to a buildup of dust in the system. This causes the PS3 becoming too hot and overheating. In order to get more technology, your PS3 doesn’t get enough airflow to cool the graphicschip.

Step1. Remove a screws it under the rubber.

Open the lid by push up.Step2. Remove the screws under the lid.

Then you can see the DVD Drive, hard drive and power supply.They are blocked by dust.Clean the dust and remove the power supply, dvd drive and hard driveStep3. Remove the motherboard the cooling fan is under it.Clean the dust and remove the sticky pager on the fan
Put some lube oil in the motor and stick back the sticky pager.Cleane the dusts in coolers .Step4. Then put all parts back together

Now your PS3 is working.

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